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Postponed - Warm Zone Rescue Task Force Class - Postponed

Course Objectives: This course teaches the Rescue Task Force concept, which is a major change in doctrine for EMS providers and firefighters to Active Shooter situations. The rescue task force brings trained day-to-day EMS providers and firefighters and partners them with law enforcement on scene to rapidly enter secured areas of an active shooter incident to provide triage, emergent care and patient extrication to a casualty collection point. This course is designed to bring EMS and firefighters together with law enforcement to collaboratively train as a rescue task force. It will include classroom instruction and fast-paced field training exercises. EMS training will include: performing a quick initial medical assessment and immediate lifesaving interventions in a chaotic and stressful environment, rapid patient movement, introduction to ballistic vests, moving and communicating with law enforcement in various formations. Law enforcement training will focus on the establishment of secured areas and the escorting and protection of EMS personnel. Firefighter training will focus on assisting with the evacuation of victims and the establishment of casualty collection points. Target Audience: EMS providers, local and regional law enforcement, local firefighters. Day 1 is tactical medicine and is designed primarily for EMS providers; however, many local law enforcement and firefighter students have told us they learned much to help them in their jobs from the day 1 curriculum.


May 02, 2020 08:00 AM till
May 03, 2020 05:00 PM
Snyder County
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Derick Shambach
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